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Wendi Lee Richardson

Wendi was born and raised on the east coast and studied Art in college. As life often does, priorities (like paying bills!) side tracked her from her love of painting.  After a successful career, she was able to take early retirement and refocus on her artwork.

Her move to Evergreen, Colorado has provided the perfect setting to rejuvenate her art career. With mountain views and wildlife surrounding her studio, in addition to the vibrant and supportive art community, inspiration is everywhere!

Tin Weeds?

So, why "Tin Weeds"?  Quite honestly, when I first moved to Colorado, I became obsessed with painting all of the beautiful wildflowers...or so I thought.  It turned out that many of the species I painted were invasive weeds!  My favorites are the thistles with their angular almost alien foliage and bright full blooms. I did not let their weed status stop me. 

Eventually I started to incorporate another love of mine- architectural salvage, and voila! Tin Weeds.

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